Bliss of Rain Music Sukarma Serenades All

KATHMANDU: You feel at “peace and harmony” in their music and this is what Nepali musical
ensemble Sukarma is all about. The harmony of sitar, sarangi along with tabala beats create a
surreal atmosphere. On June 28, the same was presented at the Theatre Village, Lazimpat.
Sukarma and friends struck the right note at the musical soiree „Ritu Shrawan‟.

Wishing for “good harvest”, the instrumental group showered with Assare. Soothing sounds
from sarangi ignited the feel of the month of Ashad and the piece was elevated with flute, sitar,
tabala and subtle guitar. Eastern classical and Nepali music came together to create a different
melody for the listeners. Dr Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi on sitar, Pramod Upadhyaya on
tabala/percussion, Shyam Nepali on sarangi, and Nagendra Bikram Rai on flute with Anil Dhital
on guitar had mastery over the instruments to produce a wonderfully synced sound of music.

Another performance was about struggle — Sangrash. With every composition, their theme
came alive. And Dr Regmi shared Sangrash‟s theme as, “Life has both happiness and sorrow.
You have to balance them in life and take it forward.” Depicting patriotism, Mero Desh was
another touching piece. It was an old piece of theirs and it brought “old memories” to them.
Nepali also infused his voice to the piece singing “Mero Desh…” that had tunes of hilly, Tarai
and mountain regions. Meanwhile, Pariwartan was a new piece which Dr Regmi had recently
composed. It was about the change from childhood to adolescence.
Sukarma was back on stage after one year. And they were back with a bang. “The show was
great. There is nothing better than to perform with Nepali brothers, sisters and friends. We
experience ecstasy to perform for them. There is no place on the Earth where we can feel that
feeling,” Dr Regmi shared about the event. He was content with the turn up that had filled the
venue. “The audience was of quality. The best people from all walks of life had attended. We
believe in quality.”

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