Founder Member

Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi, PhD

Dhrubesh is a rare exponent of sitar belonging to the illustrious musical family of Nepal. His great grandfather Dev C Regmi is credited for pioneering sitar in Nepal. Dev C who was researching on Samveda in Varanasi (India) was summoned

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Current Team Member

Manoj Gautam (tabla/percussion)

Manoj Gautam is versatile tabla player, who is adept in both classical and modern percussion. Manoj has travelled far-and-wide to India, Europe and many other countries collaborating with noted musicians. He has also accompanied with many national and international top class artists. He plays at regular intervals in Kirateshwor Sangeet Ashram. Manoj works as a […]

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Umesh Pandit(Flute)

Umesh Pandit started learning flute at his early age under the guidance of flutist and founding member of Sukarma Manose Singh and Sehanai with late Pt. Madan Bhatta!

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Associate Member

Shekhar Kharel

Shekhar Kharel (Quick Silver Promotion & Consultancy), an MA in English literature from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and master’s degree holder in Literature and Criticism from Greenwich University in the United Kingdom, is a noted filmmaker, writer, journalist, critic and photographer.

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Other Team Members

Shyam Nepali (Sarangi – Currently in USA)

A toddler Shyam would sleep on the laps of Magar Gaine– his grandfather– when the latter evoked mesmerizing tunes from the sarangi. Like his grandfather Magar, his father Ramsharan Nepali was a big name in the folk vista of Nepal.

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Pramod Upadhyaya (Tabla/Percussion- Currently in USA)

Pramod too learnt tabla at home from his father Pundit Hom Nath Upadhyaya. Drawing inspiration from his maestro father Pramod started playing tabla when he was a toddler and at the age of five he performed at then Royal Nepal Academy.

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Affiliated Members

Avirodh Sharma (Tabala/ Percussion)

Avirodh Sharma is the embodiment of World Music. Avirodh’s ability to incorporate West Indian Caribbean rhythmic elements on Tabla with Indian Classical melodic and percussive overtones make him extraordinary as a Tabla player/percussionist…

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